L'orangerie makes stoneware pots for gardens, terraces and balconies. Originally created by a sculptor, they are famous for their contemporary shape. Their textures and natural shade are suitable for all kinds of plants.

They are appreciated by landscape designers and architects. The workshop also offers a wide range of objects for plants of various sizes.
The workshop
The pots
During these peculiar times, L’Orangerie is up and running, still taking orders, producing, and ensuring deliveries. The production cycle at our workshop has not stopped : from preparation of the clay, sculpting and drying to firing the shapes. There are various projects going on, in collaboration with landscape designers and private clients.

We invite you to visit L'Orangerie's website to take a look at our creations and we remain available for any inquiries by email or by phone. You are welcome in the workshop, by appointment.

L'Orangerie - 910, petite route des Barres, 38138 Les Côtes d'Arey - France - tel: +33 (0) 4 74 15 90 29 - atelier@lorangerie.fr

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